The personal garden of a broken doll.

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This blog contains random bits of NSFW (sexual or dark topics), so make sure you're safe before browsing it (all pages are joined by a content warning, though).

Wanna help?

Most of my projects aren't really in an... "open-contribution shape" right now, which may make it hard for you to contribute to them. If you'd still like to drop a token of appreciation, this page provides a few ways to donate a small token to me, and also includes a wishlist of stuff I'd really like to get soon, if you'd like to get me something nice.

Me @ GPG

My GPG fingerprint is A5F733049A3391203FDCB6B34813CB8D9C3F48AC.

You can also download my public key, or import it in your local keyring quickly as shown below.

curl -o- https://www.aphrodite.dev/public.asc | gpg --import -

Note that I also use it to sign my Arch Linux packages and such.

My GPG key history

This list below shows my key history, including the currently active one and the revoked ones.