About me

I'm a backend developer by job, electrical hacking hobbyist and BDSM-invested tinkerer by passion. I've always wanted to find a way to mix both worlds into one common interest, and after spending a lot of time trying to come up with a good way to do so, I decided to create this website as a way to group everything.

I settled on the name aphrodite.dev after trying to think of a decent one, and I'm really happy with it for the following reasons.

Not only Aphrodite is an awesome name to bear, its story perfectly matches this website's theme!

About this website's content

While the goal of this website was originally pretty small (ie. a small personal blog), it kinda started to grow as a place on which I was more free to talk about anything than my tech blog, which I'm trying to keep as focused on tech and SFW content as possible (even though I'm working towards a redesign that'll allow me to introduce content-warnings).

Now, it has a few more areas.

This website's source code is currently published on my own git hosting instance.

Wanna chat?

I'm active on a few platforms on which you may want to chat! If you want to go through e-mail, any ad, spam, or abusive content will immediately end in an abuse report. If you otherwise just want to chat a bit, feel free to use it!