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[FR] Aisance

Les protocoles de conversation et moi


"What did you get for Christmas?

  • A handicap"

Self hosting

I have been bouncing here and there for a while for the hosting of my git repositories.

New blog

Gemini, JanetLisp as new builder, simpler HTML, ...


Welp, today marks the day I deleted my account.

Status update & tech

Got busy, dealt with some stuff, but oh hey, I'm still here apparently

About life

Content warning: anxiety, depression

Times have been rough, but all the support I received from some people has helped me move forward again.


Some life-related updates.

New BDSM section

I created a new section on my blog, feel free to propose contributions.


Content warning: violence

no synopsis was provided.

On hiatus for drawing

I've been drawing almost non-stop for the last several days, which might explain my loss of activity in most of the projects I maintain

Drawing, aaah

Been sketching some training things for 6h straight help me

Drawing training

Pas motivated me to get back into drawing and gave me a few tips and youtube channels, so here I am, trying to start drawing again, and keeping this as a note on my blog.

So long

Content warning: depression, kinks, D/s

Time is slow to pass, that sucks.

Madness that is tech

The tech world is in an awful state, where everything is made for money and no one cares for their job anymore. This is mostly a rant, as an engineer that still tries to care in the middle of this maelstorm of shit.

A new project

A small introduction to this newly born blog.