A new project

A small introduction to this newly born blog.

I've maintained my first blog for what felt like decades, but looking back into its current published history, I can only see it going back to October of 2017...

Maybe at some point I decided to scrap everything and start it again, or maybe I lost some articles.

Keeping this first blog purely technical and as factual as possible was a kind of boring game, a game I still play from time to time when I actually have a good idea for an article.

What's a good article idea? Well, to me, a good article is one I actually want to write, usually about a topic that stays close to heart for me.

But there are so many others subjects I'd like to talk about, which I could not really do on this technical scene...

I used to hang out on the Tumblr scene, before its change of leadership, complete focus loss, and ultimately, complete breakdown, and that helped me meet some pretty cool people, mostly with some common interests.

At the time, I was not that invested in the kink world, more so in the tech world, as it was already my main area of expertise.

Still, time flows, and things change, and here I am, after going from platform to platform, ultimately deciding to put my thoughts in a new place, one I do control, which means no ads, no censorship, and a place I can grow and nurture in my image.

I hope to find in this blog a place to put my toughts, projects, passions, and to share them with anyone who may enjoy that content.

If, until, now, you do, well, welcome and have a nice day!