About gender, sex, and body attraction

Some clarification.

I think too many people miss the point with gender, sex, and body attraction.

Your gender defines who you are, it being a man, a woman, a non-binary person, or any other kind of GNC type.

Your sex usually refers to your body, which can or cannot match your gender, and that's perfectly fine too.

I must say that I am not comfortable with associating the word sex with the body, notably for its socially accepted association in certain circles, i.e. that sex wouldn't just be an activity, but would be part of someone's identity. Nevertheless, I originally chose to use it in wording my thoughts here, and will keep it relatively as-is, partly because I still have trouble finding any good way to replace it.

A body is also not "binary", it's a much more complex machine with lots of interferences and organisms, and we can also classify lots of different body types (I can come up with the male, female, intersex, androgynous, hermaphrodite archetypes, but there are probably much more "known" archetypes on the sex spectrum too), and it's possible to have both male and female features.

People sometimes are attracted to a certain gender, or not, and they can as well be attracted to a certain body type, or sex. However, a very common misconception is to mix gender and the body, which not only is pretty misleading, but also can bring some very negative behaviour. It is fine to be attracted to certain body types, and it is fine to be attracted to certain genders, or to "not see gender at all" (e.g. Pansexuality), but it should always remain clear that a person's gender doesn't define anything about their body (and vice-versa), and that being attracted to a certain gender - or body type - doesn't make you a bad person. When talking about attraction, in the "usual" direction, we talk about gender (heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, asexuality, etc), and not body type, and that must be kept in mind.

Trans men are men, trans women are women, non-binary people are non-binary, and no one is invalid for being themselves.