Status update & tech

Got busy, dealt with some stuff, but oh hey, I'm still here apparently

So with my job and all that, I slowly started getting back into tech and coding. Tried my hands at Django, I think I'm gonna stay on this for a while since PHP has horrendous development tools (xdebug is half-dead), Spring (in Java) has no serious documentation, and Elixir has no really working compatible IDE. I received as gift an Edge from Lovense, and after reaching out to their tech support, I managed to discover that they have an API that can be used to control the vibrators. I was too lazy to undertake the project of building my own uC/API to control random toys, so I guess having the lovense API will at least help me start the actual remote control project instead of losing 10 days fiddling with low-level undocumented chinese firmware code (talking about nodemcu right there).

On another note, I finally got my ears pierced! 3 piercings on my right helix, and 1 piercing on each lobe. The next days will suck with all the cleaning and sleeping and no-headset work, but oh well. At least, it rocks.

I didn't draw that much recently... I don't really know why, I guess I'm not feeling into it right now.
I started writing a few drafts for my book, though! I also started writing a bit of erotica again, too.