Status update: september, basil, activitypub, and more

This last month has been filled with adventures around gardening, the ActivityPub protocol, and some first steps in rope bondage learning, here's a small thing on the topic

So. This month's been pretty long and filled with stuff. Good and bad.

But eeh, who cares about the bad. Let's focus on the good instead.

My garden grew quite a bit! I acquired a few new ones, including some flowers to finally bring a bit of light (roses, and some random flowers I don't know the name of). My basil and mint plants spent a lot of time half-wilted for some reason though, and while at first I thought it was due to overheating or lack of sun (leaves were small, curved, and whitened), I ended up realizing it was due to two things.

So I rushed to the local hardware store to buy some seriously bigger planters (still no garden, sad face), filled them with fresh compost, dirt, and some kickstart fertilizer, and finished replanting them right before we got a huge storm. I did the same for the mint, putting some fertilized on the planter, ground-level, and a few days after the storm, I noticed a HUGE growth on both plants.

The basil, which was dead under 10cm with only a few leaves remaining above, was now flourishing with huge and wide dark-green leaves, and lots of smaller plants sprouted from the seemingly dead lower zones (I need to remind myself to harvest it, because it's getting seriously big and I still haven't harvested anything. Might do some new cuttings for the neighbors). The mint, which had some pretty yellow / small leaves, pretty much did the same. Dark leaves, wide plants, and lots of new sprouts.

Also managed to snag a fallen succulent leaf from the ground, and managed to develop it. I now have a super small succulent slowly growing!

So uh, garden-wise, I think I got it.

A picture of my basil, post-care

A picture of the mint

On a completely unrelated note, I started wanting to invest some time in making my blogs' following onboarding process clearer and more versatile. That means that I've been working on two main things:

The second one requires me to rework a bit the dashboard, backend, and article editor, as I now enforce a much clearer state flow (i.e. a writer doesn't have the ability to publish/unpubish at will). This comes with its set of constraints and required changes, and I'm still working on it, but the boredom of working on such a feature rework helped me get back onto the ActivityPub protocol.

I'm getting increasingly invested on the fediverse, and being able to also push my articles through it seems like a decent second step for me.

The spec is a mess and the only few docs are completely hidden and buried in most search engines, so it kinda sucks, but I think I'm getting a hang of it now, and may actually be able to work on some stuff to implement it soon.

On the... kinkier side, I finally managed to meet with my Sir (great times), and we took the time to dive into both rope bondage books we bought a while ago (both "Two knotty boys" books), with the help of some jute rope, climbing rope, and after the quick shopping spree at the hardware store, some nylon rope.

I've found some tips on dyeing the nylon rope and will buy some purple acid dye because that looks nice as hell, and we found a pretty neat "hair corset" that looked nice, even if it was a pain to set up.

After gaining so many more resources and such, I think I'm gonna rework part of the website (especially the BDSM section) to make it a bit more organized and full.