Self hosting

I have been bouncing here and there for a while for the hosting of my git repositories.

Ultimately, Github's and Atlassian's ethics have been a huge turn off for me, Gitlab's handling of privacy and slowness of UI has made me just stop using it, and alternatives were usually handled and hosted by techbros with... less than nice behaviours and political stances.

Until a few days ago, I hosted everything barebones on a small VPS, using gitweb as public browsing UI, and a software I made named Gitmgr to manage repositories (their names, categories, descriptions, etc).

GitMgr project page

The biggest issue was how restricted it was on CI... Sadly, I have a fair share of projects that needs CI, so it's been draining me to not have that.

I started a few projects to implement some form of very minimalistic CI, but never got around doing one.

Instead, I chose to reinstall Gitea (even if I was pretty reluctant at first), and slap a Drone CI server behind it.

This works pretty well, and having a dedicated machine for that allowed me to keep things simple and very easy to backup and restore.

I still find it pretty annoying that Drone is just unable to handle a barebones git repository system, though.