Madness that is tech

The tech world is in an awful state, where everything is made for money and no one cares for their job anymore. This is mostly a rant, as an engineer that still tries to care in the middle of this maelstorm of shit.

I'm tired of tech. I feel like we're living in a world where we try to make everything faster, bigger, "more complete", yet I feel like we're failing to do so. But just as fast.

I'm writing this from a Sony XPeria XA2, a phone I purchased for 150€ two years ago. This phone is great, it runs sailfish X, which is a pretty simple, clean, and clutter-free OS. Clutter-free provides peace of mind. I'm less attacked by random useless bits of info and can actually keep my energy for useful tasks.

This phone and OS are both some pretty basic tools, and are far from most modern shiny tools, yet they work better than most for what they're supposed to do.

I own two iPads, one iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1, and one iPad 3 running the last supported version of iOS, which I forgot. Apple now would require me to buy a new one because both are dead. Why? Because some random proprietary dumbass decided they want money. But this is not about money. My workplace lended me the latest iPad pro model running the latest iPad OS, which I've been using for a few months now. The iPad 1 is 10 years old now. Its interface is a lot faster than my iPad 3, and even faster than the latest iPad pro.

Sure, I cannot install the latest apps, but why? Most of them are just text, a few images, and that's all. Yet, they run like shit on an iPad pro, supposed to replace their laptops. Why can the iPad 1's settings menu work better than the iPad pro's?

I used to use Windows 7, like most. A pretty solid and fast OS. There were some bugs and unresponsiveness, sure, but the UI was simple, mostly unified, and you got what you wanted when you clicked. Now I have windows 10, with, by default, adwares, crap, slowness, useless animations, and lots of inconsistencies rendering the interface confusing and hard to get. Windows 7 is 11 years old. Windows 10 is the most recent one, probably from around 2017 - 2018. Why has it become so slow? On a much more powerful computer?

Is that the new job? Are engineers and developers supposed to build shit? Or have we simply forgotten our job? This is a tired rant, from an engineer who lost most of her creativity after fighting this madness everyone seems to accept as normal.