Content-warning: violence

Yet another case of a company banning a user for completely unrelated matters.

And I’m getting tired of it. Sick of it. The world sucks, it’s been centuries and we’re still as full of shit as we were before. Tons of violence, abuse, hate, murders, ignored or pushed under the rug because of this bullshit people have with meddling with others’ lives.

Why is sex considered inherently bad in at least 2/3rd of the world? You’re not hurting anyone, including yourself, you’re having a peaceful, even healing, moment, and yet some cunts decided it was more illegal, more… “degenerate” to simply enjoy your life than to discriminate, steal, kill, or harassing thousands of people.

We’re in 2020 and you will still be hated for choosing someone you love. We’re in 2020 and you will still be hated if you ever dare try to be yourself.

Concentration camps in russia and china, mass-murder-inciting movements in Poland and Bulgaria, hate and rights-stripping-inciting movements in the US, the UK, and countless more...

For what? Existing. Not even impacting someone else’s life. Simply, existing.

And I don’t even know what I can do. I vote, I try to help those causes, I try to document as objectively as I can those issues, and yet everyday I’m waking up with the world continuing to go downhill. I do what I see as doable, and that is not enough.

But right now? I feel like nothing* would be enough to stop all of this. And I’m tired of it all.