Some life-related updates.

After a month-long coding hiatus, I had to get back into "the zone" because I had two servers to migrate. All things said and done, I'm quite happy I managed to clear that out of the way, I now have a nicer, cleaner, and much more stable setup, finally publishing the new UI and version for Paste, self-hosting this little blog, among other things.

During this time, I managed to grind though DrawABox up to the 250 box challenge (on which I now have 78 boxes done, on 250 of them), and am now trying to learn about general anatomy basics and shading, usually ending my days with a little sketch of a photography I liked (two shown below).

Recently, though, I fell through another depression drop (maybe due to hormones, still unexplained as there was no serious event... Depression swings hurt so much FFS) which made me churn out again from most of what I'm doing, soI'm now slowly recovering from it by drawing a bit less, more calmly, and trying to keep something to do on the side.

The user @Siina gave me a few tips on getting started on Elixir, an ecosystem that always kept me slightly more curious than the alternatives (thanks a lot, Siina, if you do read that!), so I've gone through the main book and now starting on Mix and Phoenix, with a few small project ideas to slowly get back into coding.

On the other side, I started getting back into very calm music, it's more peaceful and mind-clearing when I try to get into "the zone" (the drawing zone, this time). I don't know if that helps, but at least it doesn't hurt.

I've ordered a pen display tablet around two weeks ago, but the shipping fucked up and I still haven't received it... Supposedly delivered tomorrow, I really hope to receive it.

Two late-night sketches, the first one is a bit fucked up as it was my first-ever try. The second one has a few issues I also noticed, but I'll continue to get better!


A first drawing, a few eye placement issues and the chest looks a bit off

A second drawing, her left shoulder is a bit too low and dropping, but I'm really proud of the shading