This section documents some resources I found interesting / worth sharing on the web.

Transgender teen survival guide

A website filled with recommendations and resources for all kinds and aspects of transitioning.

Official website

Trans Posé.e.s

A french support group and information center about trans care and laws in France, which greatly helped me with the social aspect of my transition! They also are a very active developer community, and built the TransPay self-hosted donation service, available for free.


A public database of French trans-safe healthcare and legal workers, to help you and assist you in your life and your transition.

Official website

Body Feminization Workouts for Trans-Women and Femmes

If we ignore the stingy website look, they actually offer some pretty neat and sound exercises and tips on home workouts for shaping your body; mainly for MTF people.

Article's website

Chloe Ting - Workout

Another very good and resourceful self-workout-oriented website, for everyone!

Official website

Voice training guide

A pretty complete and cohesive guide to help you train your own voice in a safe way.

Link to google docs document

[FR] Guide pour la féminisation de la voix

Ce lien contient pas mal d'infos assez sérieuses sur le sujet, et fournit des ressources (notamment sous la forme de guides) pour permettre aux personnes de commencer à travailler ça sans l'assistance d'un personnel médical quelconque.

Voix Transfem

Bloggers, writers, artists, etc.

Fuzzy notepad

A very nice NSFW artist and game developer, with a lot of cute art.

Official blog


An awesome digital artist with a ton of very cute LGBT-oriented art.


A writer who creates great and well-written stories, and a very nice person to talk with. Definitely worth the read if you want to dream about a D/s lifestyle.

Doll joints dot click

Another ero writer, about robots and hypno.

Official blog, containing all stories