I like creating. One of the mediums I found to fit my tastes and needs is writing. I'm still new to it, but eager to learn and to get better.

Below are the stories I wrote and chose to share.

Daily works

Daily works are small pieces of writing I made as daily objective. As the edit dates highlight, this is not something that I've been able to manage to hold active for long... I still try to write some from time to time, though, and I've got a few brewing for when I'll get enough patience to tackle them.

(P1) Inducing another

Tomorrow, you will write a story about a sub inducting a new sub into a household.

Your mistress just recruited a new sub into the household. As her most trusted service sub, you are tasked with inducting them in their new life.

Your new life begins

You are a slave who just got bought, and in the process of meeting your new owner.


You come from work, a busy city filled with noise and anxiety. To not overwhelm yourself, you put your headset on and you dive.


You got bought by your Mistress more than a week ago. You're not used to being pampered, but learn to trust Her more as she explains you your place.


Stories are a bit more evolved than daily works, mostly in terms of length, quality of content, or development.

d/s, second person, drug, noncon, ownership

d/s, second person, surrender, soft