Content-warning: d/s, ownership, noncon

You got bought by your Mistress more than a week ago. You're not used to being pampered, but learn to trust Her more as she explains you your place.

You took longer than before to notice the low, thumming, tick of the clock. Still one more hour to fly by before you'll both leave home, going back again to this mall your numerous previous visits have gotten you accoustumed to.

An eventful week, making you travel through the richest and most complex shops you could've imagined. All of those visits earned you clothes, grooming, restaurants, and the usual stop at her workplace.

But they won't compare to what will happen in one hour.

Being bought by this still mysterious but not really scary person felt surprisingly natural, so did the feeling of peace you discovered within you during the travel back home. Leaving a life of rags and struggles behind, this person felt imposing, but safe, and her investment in you didn't leave much to do except to follow. The other option, after all, would've probably been much more painful.

Still, losing your old identity felt like a weirdly emptying shower you weren't comfortable with, but she demonstrated it as necessary as she named you anew.

Iota. This is your name.

A simple letter, a single symbol, sign of change and renewal. Would reneal mean a best life? You secretely hope so as the clock continues to tick.

Your knees slightly itch but the pain that you felt through them a few days ago is far behind, another proof that this training is taking its roots in you.

You are becoming hers.

Not just your body, in a financial way, but your being, your soul, is becoming more and more tied to Her as time flows. Those last few days have pushed you further and further into this newly discovered life of submission, and to be frank, you are pretty sure now that you loved it.

And today is the last part. She claimed your mind, making you hers as you lost your will to resist, and will now officially claim your body.

This tight silvery steel collar that has been keeping you under her control for all this time feels unexpectedly safe, but She informed you that it wasn't refined enough for her tastes. Replacing it is the reason why you are going out in an hour.

She will remove the collar, replacing it with a mark on your body.

One in the neck, burning your complete submission to her in your mind. The second one on the back of your left hand, an explicit reminder to the world that you are hers.

Her property.

Today is the day your Mistress will officially claim you as her plaything, her pet.