Cuddles under the rain

Content-warning: d/s, nonsexual

An afternoon of cuddles under the rain.


The chant of the oven announcing a well-done work rings in our ears as I finish preparing the last plate I need for now.

I grab the mitts, carefully take out the pizza, a swift brush of my handcloth to remove leftover flour, and I am off to the patio, the wood creaking under my naked feet.

I set everything by your side, making special care to not stain the covers you lazily set on the couch, and quickly undress to join you under.

The warmth of this cloth cocoon combined with your body makes me feel instantly relaxed, as I join you into a gentle cuddle, letting my head rest on your shoulder as I breathe my day's work anxiety away.

Your idea of bringing this old couch you found on the streets back home for lazy days has been met with serious success, I say to myself as you slide your hand around my back, pulling me closer into your safe embrace.

"You did prepare everything, I see."

"I hope it's up to your taste, Mistress, I tried to do my best today!" I say with the bright eyes of a puppy showing its newfound treasure with pride.

"My nose usually doesn't lie to me, and right now it tells me you did a very good job, my dear little Io."

Your words, said with such gentleness yet firmness, flow through me like a shower of love, a reward in itself, but you instead chose to bring your right hand into the gift, running it along the lines of my hair, ever so slowly scratching my head, melting my troubles away in an embrace of comfort, trust, and love.

I am home.