You walk into the forest, naked. A lake, some moss, and the markings on your body claiming you.


The chill of the small autumn breeze feels gentle as the setting sun heats your bare skin.

Living far away from most people has its perks. One of them is the ability to let yourself breathe, free of any kind of cloth, as you walk deeper in the forest, towards a small lake you enjoy resting in.

The day is still pretty hot for this season, and the cicadas chant as you slowly walk towards the fence, leaves creaking under your feet.

Beyond this physical border, the forest becomes much more dense and imposing, a lesson in humility amplified by the runes engraved on your upper body, lazily glowing with the magic vibrating around you.

Even without those powers your submission made you discover, you would've been able to walk through this path eyes closed, having followed this trail thousands of time during the last month.

And the more you honed them, the more you started to see the forest as a living, breathing entity, welcoming you in its world with every step you take.

Minutes of deep thinking allow you to not actually see how long you've been walking, as you reach the bed of a small waterfall, emptying itself into this newfound lake you are so fond of. Your little place of peace and rest, your temple.

You grab the rock on your left and slowly begin to climb down. A few agile steps allow you to reach the end with ease, the last step being a refreshing dive right into the lake's bed, in which you throw yourself with grace.