(P1) Inducing another

Content-warning: d/s, servitude

Tomorrow, you will write a story about a sub inducting a new sub into a household.

Your mistress just recruited a new sub into the household. As her most trusted service sub, you are tasked with inducting them in their new life.

"So, you're the new one, huh."

She looks around, nervously fidgeting, before letting out a hesitant "... I guess so".

"Well, welcome here then, I'm kind of tasked with guiding you around. You know, tasks, rules, that kind of stuff". Seeing her lost eyes pushes you to quickly add "don't worry, I'm sure you'll be just fine here!".

You wait, try to get a feeling of the new recruit, but decide to break the silence after a few seconds, feeling a cloud of unease setting.

"Erm, I guess I could start by showing you around. How does that sound?"

She quickly nods, as to get out of this storm as quickly as possible, and jumps behind to catch up to you as you start walking into the corridor.

"So here's the house; it's not that big but you may still get a bit lost at first". A few steps in, you point to an open room, "this is the living room, it's where Mistress hangs out most of the time, and also where most of us dine". You turn back to her, and note "because, yeah, I guess it's not particularly common, but we all dine together, most of the time. Pretty nice household, I guess".

Moving forward, you continue to introduce her the different rooms, until you reach the end of the corridor.

"... And here's the servants' quarters. Some of us live in town, but some chose to stay here. It's a nice place to live in, definitely cheaper than having to pay rent, and you get to skip commute, so that's cool."

You stretch, looking at the garden from the wide-open window, before switching topics.

"So, rules are pretty simple here. Once you'll get familiar with the hierarchy, you'll get a few more I will explain in time, but for now, just keep in mind to avoid disturbing her without reason, or to address her by anything but her title. I think you've already got your base working hours, so outside of those you're basically free to go outside or hang out at your leisure. Some more rules would apply depending on your role here."

Mentioning roles, you turn to her, "By the way, what have you been recruited as?"

This innocuous question seemed to not be so trivial to her as you notice her cheeks flush a light red, hardly masked by her shy eyes.

She starts to mutter a quiet answer, each word marking a deeper red, "I.. I guess I'll be taking care of her needs, b-but she mentioned that it may contain some..."

You break her new pause with a clear "sexual stuff ? Yeah that's pretty common here", chuckling as you see the acts mention make her slightly jump in surprise and shyness.

"I mean, seeing that you chose to accept the job anyways means that you're okay with that, aren't you?"

"... maybe?"

Another involuntarly chuckle escaping from you mouth, as you try to reassure her. "Well, I guess it could be a bit new to you, but I'm sure you'll do wonders. Besides, it's not like she will do anything you won't want, so there's no worry to have anyways."

She silently nods, looking a bit more calm.

"Oh, and by the way, if you want to get to know this place better, or have any other question, don't hesitate to come to me with them, I'll be happy to help you."

"Thanks. Actually, I was wondering about something."

You look at her, slightly tilting your head as if it would help you hear the question better, "what is it?"

"uhm I don't really know how to ask this, but...", she makes a small pause, raising her head to look at you, before continuing, "...what's your role here?"

"Me? I have the best role in the house~"

Her insistent curious look makes you understand that this answer won't suffice, so you complete it while slowly caressing the ring of your collar.

"I'm her pet."