Content-warning: d/s, second person, surrender, soft

And right as you passed by the conference hall, your eyes crossed her gaze.

A single look, a mere second, this is all it took for her to stop you dead in your tracks.

Frozen in the center of the hall, unsure of how to proceed, until you notice that she started walking, further confirmed by feeling her presence grow on you.

She looks you in the eyes. You try to do the same, but fail to do so and adverts your eyes. The more she walks towards you, the lower you look, until the floor's the only thing in your field of view and her scent's strong enough to make her presence clear.


A single word. Purpose-filled order, making gravity oh so much more powerful on you. You drop on your knees almost by instinct, as if waiting for this word was the only thing you were doing for the entire conference.

Heads turn, you feel a burst of shame coursing through you, but notice some traces of excitement through too. Still, even all your willpower wouldn't be able to break the spell, free you.

She waits some time. Seconds? Minutes? More? You cannot tell. Time isn't as important anymore.

You don't have the time to worry about that anyways, as you hear her say two magical words.

"Good Girl."

The sound of it makes your whole body shiver as a deep warmth radiates from your heart to your whole body.

"Now, get up."

Still as direct and short, a oh-so distant part of you tells you to feel a bit angry at this, but it's so mute that it feels drowned by the tornado of excitement and fear that has been awakened. Still, you execute yourself and raise; your gaze is still fixed on the floor, still trapped.

"Would you like to join me? Work ventures are one of the most boring things to do, and it seems like you're the only interesting person in here."

You don't feel the time to think about it that you catch yourself nodding shyly.

Seemingly dissatisfied by this answer, she slides a soft and so assertive finger under your chin, before pushing it up, forcing you to lose yourself in her eyes from a mere press.

"I want to have a clear answer, Pet."

Another wave of heat appears at the mention of this nickname, barely hidden as you reply a soft "...yes"

"Better. And don't worry about my name, I expect you to call me Madam. Is that clear?"

"...y-yes, Madam."


Not a single second left for you to recompose yourself and she's already walking away, forcing you to jump behind her as an attempt to keep up with this new adventure.

This short came to my mind after looking at a few pictures of badass women with imposing stares, which made me melt. Hard.