The dinner

Content-warning: straight, d/s, first person

Two hours before midnight, and we're slowly leaving the restaurant we spent our dinner at.

Sadly, this was not a date between Sir and I, but rather a work-related event His colleagues organized, to which He decided to invite me.

His instructions were clear.

"Remember your place, and maybe I'll grant you an orgasm tonight if you're really good."

While this offer was very tempting, especially considering torments I went through for the past week, the deal was clear enough for me to play with it. Just a bit, I thought.

A snarky remark thrown here, a silent order ignored there, and as the meeting went on, I pushed this behavior further and further, not keeping count of all the mischief that has been done.

Now we're about to reach His car, and Sir suddenly grabs my arm to swiftly turn me around, throwing me against the car, a hand holding my throat tight while the other one slides under my dress, slowly teasing me.

"I think there is something that we misunderstood. To whom do you belong to, already?"

Shocked by the brutal reaction, and still processing the flood of emotions that is suddenly pouring in, I stay a few seconds without moving a single finger, before putting together an answer for Him.

"I-I be-belong to you, Sir."

"Right. And how did you behave during this fine dinner setting?"

"I acted of my own right, and I disobeyed you, Sir", I mutter, looking down in shame, without resistance.

"You know this is not something I'd expect of you. Now, drive us home while I think of an appropriate correction for you."

Sir then releases His grasp over me, letting me slowly catch my breath before entering the car.

The drive home is calm, but the mood stays tense. My mind drifts a bit through ideas of what He'll do to me once home, but I know from experience that Sir is talented at catching me off-guard with His creativity, so I end up focusing on the trip again.

Once arrived at home, I'm about to go through the front door when He stops me. He looks at me and with a very stern look says "Undress. Here.".

I nervously look around, but knowing that this is inevitable, I decide to quickly let off my dress on the ground, lowering myself to get out of my boots, and trying to drop my underwear before anyone outside notices us. Once done, I quickly bolt inside, hoping I was fast and discrete enough.

Sir pushes my shoulder down, signing me to kneel in the entrance while He grabs my clothes and closes the door.

I stay put while He goes into the living room, putting everything on the ground besides His chair, then he comes back to me.

"Stand, legs wide apart", and as I execute myself, He takes the widest spreader bar, tying my ankles to it, forcing me wide open.

Then, He gently but firmly takes my wrists, sliding them in the bracelets tied way up on the ceiling, and locking them in place, leaving me open and vulnerable, my entire body stretched and standing still.

As I try to voice a compaint, He takes the opportunity of my mouth opening to slide inside a gag, forcing my jaw open with His other hand. A spider gag, one of the worst kind for me, as it maintains my mouth open, exposed, but even worse: uncontrolably drooling.

Sir likes seeing me drool over myself as a correction, a reminder of who I am, what I am, for Him. On the other hand, I find the humiliation and degradation horribly exciting, as the saliva slowly starts filling my mouth, soon to start leaking all over my body, starting by my chest, chilled by the cold fluid.

He then sits back in His chair, contemplating me, looking satisfied of His work.

"Now, little miss. I will start explaining in detail the correction you will go through to help you fix this very bad behavior. First, you're gonna stay for a bit like that while I finish going through those e-mails. Then, if you're earnest enough, you may get the right to take care of me, if you want a chance to lessen your sanction. As for this sanction, you'll discover it soon enough."

He then pauses, a deafening silence growing in the room as I look into His eyes, before getting up again, picking some other accessories from the closet, and coming back to me.

"I know how badly you want to look at me, but I don't think you're in need of your eyes right now".

He proceeds to slide a blindfold on my eyes, blocking my view, before continuing, "Now, I think we both know that you need a bit of help reminding you what you are. Stick out your tongue.". I do so, and let out a whine at the sudden pain when a clothespin comes biting it. "Here you go, this should help you keeping your tongue stuck out."

I feel the drool slowly starting to flow down my neck and on my chest, before feeling Sir's fingers tracing back the flow all the way to my mouth, inserting His fingers in my mouth and swirling in the mess I already made.

"You're my little one, and I'm here to guide you towards being a good girl. You know you weren't being one tonight, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir, I know."

"Then you'll understand if I make the rules in a... stricter way, would you?"

"I will!"

He runs his fingers through my hair, wiping them, "You forgot a word, I think.".

"I will, Sir!"

A slap on the cheek, a "Right.", and I already fall back in a deep and heavy silence, hearing His footsteps going further and further away.

A bit after, I hear Him come back, laying some things on the table, then I suddenly feel the chill of lube from His hands slowly caressing me, preparing me for what's to come.

He slides a plug in my ass, stretching me the further he pushes it inside, filling me deep. The growing pleasure provided by this new companion tries to start an erection, quickly killed by the chastity cage I've been instructed to wear daily since a few weeks ago; feeling the steel prison's grasp over me makes me squirm in frustration-riddled pleasure.

He throws a playful spank on my ass cheek, letting out a laugh at my apparent frustration.

"You see, you used to love edging. You loved it so much, in fact, that you needed to take regular breaks during your day for the sole purpose of playing with yourself. Then, I thought I'd given you a bit too much freedom, and I've fitted you with this cage, to help you focus on your training instead of your pleasure. Apparently, tonight's dinner has shown that the cage doesn't bother you anymore. Maybe you've grown accustomed to it? No matter, I know just the way to bring you back to your real life."

As His words flow through my ears, I'm growing more and more excited, and just as He finishes His last sentence, I suddenly feel the heavy plug take life in the form of a very strong vibration, giving me a brutal spike in pleasure starting a moan and ending in a small scream as I feel myself constrained within the cage, a spike of pain going through.

"Now. I'm gonna leave you here for a while, after which we'll see how you will behave yourself. And don't worry, the cage will stay on, and the plug's battery is full, so this should hold out pretty well."