Would you like to try something new?

Content-warning: straight, d/s, denial, first person

"Would you like to try something new?"

Seeing this message appear on her phone's screen during work made her heart skip a beat. She nervously looked around before quickly grabbing her phone, hoping that no one would notice her burning cheeks.

They met on an old tech forum, and randomly started talking, unknowingly starting the bloom of something new, scary, and exciting. Her work draining her, she needed a way to release her pent-up frustration, and talking to this person felt somehow nice, almost relaxing.

Discovering each other led them to find a common passion for domination, and they spent their last few days talking about it, exploring their needs and tastes.

And today, as the last days went, he prompted her with a new topic, something simple they could try together.


She hovered the button for a few seconds before sending her answer, feeling her heart beat faster, and the "Read" indicator appearing made her back shiver.

Now it's done, he read it., and just as this thought popped into her mind, she noticed the small indicator of a message being written appear.

She hates this indicator, always taunting with its presence, tearing her up between the need to put the phone away and focus back on her work and the urge to wait until the next message appears.

"We talked a while about your affinity with losing control, would you like to try to lose some of it from now on?"

"Yes, I'd like to try. What do you have in mind?"

"Well, for the past few days, I'm sure I've contributed to filling your head with all sorts of wonderful thoughts, but I would like to see how disciplined you can be while keeping them. For this reason, I would like you to ask me everytime you're about to try to pleasure yourself, and do as I tell if I choose to allow it. What do you think of that?"

Her work far behind once she's finished reading his message, she tried to think about what to answer. She does want that, but will she manage to handle it? She's always been very shy, and it would be the first time someone else could actually have an impact.

"I could just say "No". I could accept, but ignore his orders." She thought about a thousand ways and reasons to say no, but somehow, somewhat, something compelled her to accept.

"I think I would like to try."

"Good. This won't be too harsh, and remember that if you feel like you cannot hold on, using your safeword isn't a mistake."

"Yes, Sir"

This chat being now out of the way, she went back to focus on her daily life, starting with finishing this damn project planning.

But as the night went, her troubled mind had a hard time finding sleep. It isn't the first time she struggled with falling asleep, and a common way to push her exhaustion was to spend some time alone, masturbating.

Just as she was about to start with her habit, her daily talk surged back into her mind. She grabbed the phone, opened her chat app, and sent a simple message.


She doesn't know how he does it, "Is he waiting for messages" she thought just as the usual "Read" symbol almost immediately appeared.

"What is it, Girl?"

"I'd like to spend some time with myself, Sir"

"What do you mean, Girl? You should ask a clear and complete question if you want me to be able to give an answer."

"Sorry, Sir, could I be allowed to spend some time pleasuring myself?"

"And the magic word?"

"Please, Sir"

"Good. Now with the full question?"

"Could I be allowed to spend some time pleasuring myself, please Sir?"

"You may. And I'll expect a well-written story about how it felt afterwards."

"Yes, Sir; thank you, Sir"

"As soon as you allowed me to play with myself, I started unbuttoning my shirt, letting my hand follow the edge between my skin and the seam, letting the nails scratching me fill me with shivers, before falling on top of my breasts. The other wandered below waist, dropping my skirt on the floor when I got up, followed by my undies, left alone on the ground while I climbed on my bed. I laid on my back, the slow chill produced by the fan swimming over my chest, and started playing with my nipples, massaging, pinching, twisting them, letting the small pain spikes amplify my growing arousal. As I started diving into the pleasure, my body started to slowly move by itself, guided by the waves of pleasure flowing through me. I slid my hand between my thighs, feeling them covered in sweat, and slowly started taking care of my member, which grew pretty solidly, by caressing it, scratching it, before fully grasping it, feeling its heat through my fingers. A bit of precum leaked as I slowly stroke it, feeling the orgasm climb and climb through me until I finally came, shooting cum over my body, shaken by a powerful orgasm."

"You wrote well. Did you like it?"

"Yes, Sir, it's the first time I had such a powerful orgasm."

"Then, my little girl, I want you to hold onto that feeling. Keep it in your mind, deep inside you, because you'll need to ask me for the right to orgasm from now on."

She started thinking about it. What did He mean by that? Would he mean she would have to pause and send Him a message every time she was about to come?

"Sir, what will happen when I ask?"

"Well, that depends. That depends on a lot of things. Were you good? Was your latest performance satisfying to my taste? Do I want to grant you one? Depending on those answers, besides some others, I may grant you that right. Obviously, I'll probably make you earn it. It's a privilege, after all."

A "privilege". This word feels weird. She is torn up between that proud and independent side of her, screaming to her "this is your body, it's your choice!", and that loyal and obedient side, slowly whispering "you will make Him proud, and He'll make you feel more pleasure than ever". He made her feel so much, think so much. With this soul-crushing job and boring life, it's the first time something actually managed to stay floating in her mind long enough for her to spend most of her time thinking about it. And the biggest feel she discovered through all that was that she felt alive. She didn't think about all those things in a slow, hesitant. It felt good, but more than that, it felt right.

She let out a deep breath, and grabs her phone. She knows what to do, now, and says to herself "Let's just blow this all to hell. If that's what I need, then so be it, let's dive.".